EASE Full Members

CoSMoS - Conseil Social du Mouvement Sportif -
En vertu de l'article 2 de ses statuts, le Conseil social du mouvement sportif a pour objet :
– de procéder à l'étude et à la défense des droits ainsi que des intérêts matériels et moraux de ses membres, employeurs du secteur sportif, ...


CNEA - Conseil National des Employeurs Associatifs -
Le Conseil National des Employeurs Associatifs, C.N.E.A, syndicat professionnel représentatif dans les domaines de l'animation, du sport et du tourisme social et familial a pour but de rassembler, accompagner et représenter les associations employeurs relevant de l'économie sociale gérant de façon désintéressée des activités éducatives, sportives, culturelles, scientifiques, sociales, de tourisme, de formation et de protection de l'environnement...


SkillsActive -
SkillsActive is the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Learning. It has been established by Employers in Sport and Recreation, Health and Fitness, Playwork, The Outdoors and Caravan industries...


WOS - Werkgeversorganisatie in de Sport -
De WOS is de Werkgevers Organisatie in de Sport, die zich ten doel stelt de ... Het WOS–bureau is gevestigd op het Nationaal Sport Centrum Papendal, ...


Arbetsgivaralliansen -
Arbetsgivaralliansen ger anslutna arbetsgivare stöd i förhållandet mellan arbetsgivare och arbetstagare, t.ex avtal, arbetsrätt, miljö, ledarskap och...


BBF&W - Belgische Beroepsvereniging voor de Fitness- & Welnessindustrie


FNEID - Federación Nacional de Empresarios de Instalaciones Deportivas -
Es la organización plural sin ánimo de lucro que agrupa y representa a los empresarios privados del sector de Instalaciones deportivas de España, defendiendo su imagen y derechos frente a instituciones gubernamentales y privadas.


ILAM Ireland Irish Leisure Industry Body for all Sports, Fitness, Aquatic, Health Spas and Associated Facilities -
ILAM is the Irish Leisure Industry Body for all Sports, Fitness, Aquatic, Outdoor, Health Spas and Associated Facilities. Originally formed in 1989 as ILAM (Ireland) the Institute of Leisure & Amenity Management - the professional body representing Leisure Managers in Ireland and funded by the Minister of Sport, through the Department of Education...

EASE Associate Members

FIRA-AER - Association Européenne de Rugby -
Les Britanniques n'ont pas seulement inventé le rugby. Ils ont, au fil des ans, joué un rôle primordial dans son évolution. Même à leur corps défendant. Tel est le cas en ce qui concerne la Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur née, le 02 janvier 1934 à Paris, fruit d'un divorce franco-britannique...


EHFA - European Health and Fitness Association -
Founded in 2001, the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA) is a non–profit organisation, which brings together European health & fitness professionals in a permanent, trans–national and wide–reaching forum...


EASE Partners

UNI europa -
UNI is the largest international grouping of individual trade unions. It brings together over 900 unions representing over 15 million members...

EU Athletes -
The European Elite Athletes Association is a federation of independent athletes associations from all over Europe with member associations from 15 European countries representing over 25,000 professional athletes...


EOSE - European Observatoire of Sport and Employment -
EOSE - European Observatoire of Sport and Employment - is a European network of national and regional observatoires, public or not for profit, which are involved in several areas such as sport development, sport employment and qualifications...


EOC EU Office in Brussels -
The EOC EU Office is the representation of the European Olympic Committees in Brussels to the European institutions. It represents furthermore the interests of the International Olympic Committee and other major sport organisations to the European Institutions...


ENGSO - European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation -
European National Sports Confederations and National Olympic Committees, if they are the national umbrella organisations for sports, form the association “European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation” - ENGSO - which is a non-profit making or distributing organisation with public responsibilities. This means that the members of ENGSO represent the national sport in its broadest sense - from children and youth sport, over “sport for all” activities to elite sports...

EPFL - European Professional Football Leagues -
The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) is an association governed by Swiss law, founded in 2005 and based in Nyon, Switzerland. It traces its origins back to the founding in 1997 of the EUPPFL (Association of European Union Premier Professional Football Leagues)...


ECA - European Club Association -
The European Club Association (ECA) is the sole, independent body directly representing football clubs at European level. It replaces the G14 Group and the European Club Forum, both dissolved at the beginning of 2008. ECA was fully recognized by UEFA and FIFA in a formal memorandum of understanding, which was signed in January 2008...


FIFPro-Division Europe -
FIFPro supports players.
FIFPro Division Europe consists of 24 member associations. There is one candidate member (Serbia) and there are four observers (Georgia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro and Ukraine). The division board is led by president Philippe Piat, the other members of the board are Mads Øland, Bobby Barnes, Maria Tsigoni Rella, Joachim Evangelista y Tony Higgins...


European projects' websites

EQF-Sport project - "Implementing the European Qualifications Framework in the sport sector"-
EQF-Sport project is part of a process lasting since more than 10 in the field of Vocational Education and Training. The project's activities started on 1st January 2007 and will finish on 31th December 2008...

CLO2 project - "Professionalising training and mobility for Outdoor animators in Europe bridging the gap between sector Competences and Learning Outcomes"-
The major objectives of these activities are to develop some European standards for the outdoor sector...

EQFOA project - European Qualification Framework for Outdoor Animators -

EUROSEEN - European Observatory for Sport Education and Employers Network -
This project will target, build and develop a network of key research organisations across European countries (EOSE), all of whom have an interest in developing research related to standards, materials and methods in education and training for the Sports and Active leisure industries...

AEHESIS - "Aligning a European Higher Educational Structure In Sport Science" -
The idea to create the sport related Thematic Network Project AEHESIS was developed in 2002. One year later in autumn, the Socrates Programme of the European Commission started funding the triennial project (2003 - 2006). The project is co-ordinated by the German Sport University Cologne on behalf of the European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment (ENSSEE)...

European Commission

Directorate–General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion - - - - - - - - - - -
The DG has the task of contributing to the development of a modern, innovative and sustainable European Social Model with more and better jobs in an inclusive society based on equal opportunities...

Directorate–General for Education and Culture
- -
The Education and Culture Directorate-General's mission has 3 main aspects: building a Europe of knowledge, developing the European cultural area, involving citizens in European integration...

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Database social partners

Database of the employer and employee organisations in the EU25 (as of 31.12.2006)

Statement on EU social dialogue in the sport sector, 12th Dec. 2012

EASE and UNI Europa Sport, the social partners in the European sport sector, concluded the first meeting of a two year test phase for a European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee today in Brussels. The meeting was chaired by Jean-Paul Tricart, the head of the European Commission's social dialogue unit. More...

Commission's Communication on Sport, Jan. 2011

The European Commission adopted a Communication entitled “Developing the European Dimension in Sport” on 18th January 2011 that flows from the European Union new role under the Lisbon Treaty to support and coordinate sport policy measures taken by Member States.
The Commission confirms its support to the EU social partners and announces the launching in 2012 of a test phase of 2 years of the ESSDC for sports and active leisure.
EASE issued a Common position on the article on EU social dialogue.