First Annual Conference, May 2006

The sport sector is in a building process at the European level. More than 12 countries have at least one Collective Agreement signed at sport subsector level and 3 of them have a Collective Agreement covering the whole sector.

In this context, EASE has been created in 2003 to defend the rights and material and moral interests of the employers, as well as to develop the social dialogue in the sport sector building an effective network across the EU.
In this on-going process, education and training are key issues. Today, employers have their say, that is the reason why EASE participates in European projects related to the definition of qualifications.

The EASE First Annual Conference including the General Assembly has been organised on Thursday and Friday 18th and 19th of May 2006. This event took place in the Papendal Sports Centre in Arnhem and was sponsored by our Dutch member : the WOS - Werkgeversorganisatie in de sport .

This Conference was a success: all the participants expressed their will to work towards establishing a social dialogue at the European level for the sport sector. In order to reach this aim, the social partners have to create the structure, that is to say the Sport Social Dialogue Committee and to strengthen the network of partners.

Markus Handke of the Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission and Andrzej Rogulski of the DG for Education and Culture (Sport Unit) participated in the Conference on behalf of the European Union.

Jim Wilson, the Director of EURO-MEI and representatives of 4 employee organisations which are affiliated to EURO-MEI took also part in the Conference.

Have a look at the programme ... and the list of participants !

Click on the flags below to download the PowerPoint presentation(s) of your interest:

- "Introducing the Conference" -
Steve STUDD - EASE former General Secretary and SkillsActive Chief Executive

- "The European Social Dialogue : creating added value"
Markus HANDKE - European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs, Social Dialogue Unit

- "The Social Dialogue in the sport sector in the European Union : additional information"
Marie BARSACQ LEROUX - EASE General Secretary
- "Presentation of EASE"

- "EOSE missions and activities with EASE and the sport sector stakeholders"
Allan PILKINGTON - EHFA President and leader of EASE fitness commission
- "General presentation of the EUROSEEN project / The sport sector in Europe / EOSE contribution to a European Sport Workforce Development Plan"
Allan PILKINGTON, Aurélien FAVRE - EOSE European Project Manager

- "Case study from the Fitness Commission – European Health and Fitness Workforce Development Plan"

- "Presentation of the AEHESIS project"
Karen PETRY - Project Operational Manager

- "The Vocational Education and Training Policy of the EU : the Lisbon Strategy" -
Clemens ROMIJN - ECORYS Senior Researcher

- "European Qualifications Framework for Outdoor Animators - EQF Outdoor Animators"

- "ECVET for the Health and Fitness Industry"

- "Building key methodological blocks for the implementation of the Copenhagen / EQF Process in the Sport Sector - EQF Sports"
Aurélien FAVRE

- "Draft of the Social Dialogue Project"

- Report on the 4 working group sessions (not-for-profit sport, professional sport, fitness, outdoors) and action plan

Do not hesitate to contact the EASE Secretariat for futher details on the First Annual Conference!

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Database of the employer and employee organisations in the EU25 (as of 31.12.2006)

Statement on EU social dialogue in the sport sector, 12th Dec. 2012

EASE and UNI Europa Sport, the social partners in the European sport sector, concluded the first meeting of a two year test phase for a European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee today in Brussels. The meeting was chaired by Jean-Paul Tricart, the head of the European Commission's social dialogue unit. More...

Commission's Communication on Sport, Jan. 2011

The European Commission adopted a Communication entitled “Developing the European Dimension in Sport” on 18th January 2011 that flows from the European Union new role under the Lisbon Treaty to support and coordinate sport policy measures taken by Member States.
The Commission confirms its support to the EU social partners and announces the launching in 2012 of a test phase of 2 years of the ESSDC for sports and active leisure.
EASE issued a Common position on the article on EU social dialogue.