The Arbetsgivaralliansen is an independent confederation for Sweden employers such as sporting and educational associations.

Today, the Arbetsgivaralliansen signed 3 National Collective Agreements:
the first one for the ice–hockey players (in 1999),
the second one for the professional football players (in 2000),
the last one for the not-for-profit sport (in 2003).

The organisation has 1050 employer members in the sport sector, which are most of the time very small structures.

In Sweden, the social dialogue, which is subject of a national regulation, is a tradition and the first discussions in the sport sector dates back to the 70's. The European level represents for the Swedish social partners a natural evolution.

Database social partners

Database of the employer and employee organisations in the EU25 (as of 31.12.2006)

Statement on EU social dialogue in the sport sector, 12th Dec. 2012

EASE and UNI Europa Sport, the social partners in the European sport sector, concluded the first meeting of a two year test phase for a European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee today in Brussels. The meeting was chaired by Jean-Paul Tricart, the head of the European Commission's social dialogue unit. More...

Commission's Communication on Sport, Jan. 2011

The European Commission adopted a Communication entitled “Developing the European Dimension in Sport” on 18th January 2011 that flows from the European Union new role under the Lisbon Treaty to support and coordinate sport policy measures taken by Member States.
The Commission confirms its support to the EU social partners and announces the launching in 2012 of a test phase of 2 years of the ESSDC for sports and active leisure.
EASE issued a Common position on the article on EU social dialogue.