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"Moving forward towards European social dialogue in the sport sector: Content and Contact" (CC-project)

In line with the point 53 of the Action Plan “Pierre de Coubertin” to the White Paper on Sport (July 2007), the European Commission continues to support EASE and EURO-MEI joint work to develop social dialogue by financing the CC-project.

« (53) The Commission encourages and welcomes all efforts leading to the establishment of European Social Dialogue Committees in the sport sector. It will continue to give support to both employers and employees and it will pursue its open dialogue with all sport organisations on this issue ».

The CC-project aims to bridge the gap between the end of the RBT project and the creation of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the sport sector as a whole, including the sub-sectors not-for-profit, commercial (active leisure) and professional sports, of which the latter respects the specific initiatives of professional football.







Call for proposals: Budget Heading “Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue” of the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunity of the European Commission
The CC-project is co-financed by the European Union (80 %).

Duration: 1 year - from 1st July 2008 to 30th June 2009

Project leader: EURO-MEI

Managing partner: EASE

Strategic partner: EOC EU Sport Office

The main phase of the project revolved around three meetings:
• two 2-day content-based conferences to gather and review materials on specific issues,
• and one informal social dialogue meeting.

The conferences were open to national social partners and interested stakeholders from the sport sector.

The informal social dialogue was open to national social partners from the sector.


Conference on the contractual landscape in the sport sector
8th and 9th December 2008 - London

EASE and EURO-MEI took concrete steps towards European sectoral social dialogue for the sport sector at the occasion of the 1st conference in the framework of the CC-project. This conference gathered around 45 representatives of European employer and worker organisations and of other stakeholders from the sector. The discussions were launched by a presentation of two studies. More...

Conference on health & safety in the sport sector
1st and 2nd April 2009 - Lisbon

The second 2-day conference was held in Lisbon in April around the theme of health and safety in the sport sector. The topic was discussed from different angles: representatives of the sub-sectors not-for-profit sport, professional sport and commercial sport were given the opportunity to comment on the results of a study into the matter. More...

Informal Social Dialogue Meeting
27th May 2009 - Brussels

The project was finalised on 27th May 2009 at the second Informal Social Dialogue for the sport sector in Brussels. This meeting had more formal issues on the agenda, such as the structure of the future European social dialogue committee, issues to be dealt with at European level, initiatives from other disciplines of sport (namely professional football). More...

Database social partners

Database of the employer and employee organisations in the EU25 (as of 31.12.2006)

Statement on EU social dialogue in the sport sector, 12th Dec. 2012

EASE and UNI Europa Sport, the social partners in the European sport sector, concluded the first meeting of a two year test phase for a European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee today in Brussels. The meeting was chaired by Jean-Paul Tricart, the head of the European Commission's social dialogue unit. More...

Commission's Communication on Sport, Jan. 2011

The European Commission adopted a Communication entitled “Developing the European Dimension in Sport” on 18th January 2011 that flows from the European Union new role under the Lisbon Treaty to support and coordinate sport policy measures taken by Member States.
The Commission confirms its support to the EU social partners and announces the launching in 2012 of a test phase of 2 years of the ESSDC for sports and active leisure.
EASE issued a Common position on the article on EU social dialogue.